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Feeling confused? There is a difference between &#39 what&#39 s in cigarettes&#39 and &#39 what&#39 s in cigarette smoke&#39 . The bulk of chemicals and poisons found in cigarette smoke is a direct result from burning the tobacco in its natural form. However the tobacco industry also adds chemicals and poisons to the tobacco during its manufacture for a range of purposes.

The purposes of additives are to

  • improve the manufacturing of tobacco products eg. chemicals are added to make tobacco less brittle
  • increase the shelf life
  • control the rate the tobacco burns
  • speed up the delivery of nicotine to the brain
  • improve the flavour and reduce the harsh taste

In Australia, since 2000 there has been a voluntary agreement between the Federal Government and the tobacco industry on the disclosure of the ingredients of Australian cigarettes. This means the tobacco industry don&#39 t have to disclose all of the ingredients in their products. Therefore it is impossible to know all of the ingredients that are used in each brand or the levels at which they are added.

Watch these YouTube clips to see what is really in cigarette smoke.

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