Where can i buy electronic cigarettes?

You can buy an electronic cigarette in many of your local gas stations, and numerous big chains such as Walgreen’s and Wal Mart in most areas. This is a good way to go out and try out the very basic kind since most of those brands carried in major retailers are rather mediocre.

What we would recommend before you drive around looking or search for a local vape shop is order from one of the top brands online. All of our review team agree that brands such as V2 Cigs, South Beach Smoke and Green Smoke blow those away to kingdom come.

Advanced Personal Vaporizers

If you’re looking for something like an eGo battery or another type of upgraded e cig, then you may be s t out of luck with gas stations and retailers.

We have a recommendation for you VaporZone.

These guys have taken APVs to another level, and they’ve done equally well with their line of customizeable e cig juices.

The Top Places To Buy E Cigs Online

Here’s our top picks with reviews, the official website of each respective brand

V2 Cigs Read our review here

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Green Smoke Read our review here

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VaporZone Read our review here

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South Beach Smoke Read our review here

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We highly recommend trying more than one brand. Pick one, buy a starter kit for around $50 $60 with 2 batteries a charger and flavor cartridges and then get a disposable from a couple. It is like debating whether Camel is better than Marlboro&#8230 you just gotta try it and find out which one you like best!

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