Why can’t you buy individual cigarettes

It can the average person will have lots of fun with money wether it be spent on holidays cars life experiences etc. A lot of people think that being rich will make them happ y. The most obvious and biggest advantage of being rich is not needing a job. Yet, the few rich people that I know, that are jobless, are still not happy… at least not openly happy. Even if they are happy, it is not because their money made them happy. Sure, there are a lot of people who enjoy earning money, yet they might not have much money or not be happy with their money that they already earned. I have a particular greedy friend who fits this description perfectly. I noticed that these types of people have much more satisfaction talking about how much money they earned, overtime hours collected, or money saved rather than just being happy with their money. As a result, I think that the happiness from greed of wealth is very temporary, because greedy people can never have enough money. There are other types of people who are very materialistic. I have several friends that continuously buy new toys (such as a new car, computer, camera, electronics, etc.) and lavish entertainment expenses (such as vacations, dinner at expensive restaurants, etc.) way more often than their actual needs or long term affordability. These people always appear to thoroughly enjoy their new toys yet continuously have little or no savings. Unfortunately, their new toys quickly become not so new any more, and a new toy is needed to feel temporarily happy again. In actuality, this is more of a distraction from the really important things in life, and not true happiness or contentment. Therefore, money can not buy happiness. True happiness is what people do with their life, their family, their friends, and everyone’s health. Money is a means to do more and live longer, yet quantity is seldom better than anyone familiar with Roy Noble? If not he made a quote that has since stuck with me, it’s as followed Anyone who says money cant buy happiness doesn’t know where to shop. I find this most true as I feel a whole lot happier with money than without, mostly as a result of what one can buy it. Though this may not be true for all, anyone who says money cant buy happiness can not answer for all and therefor the statement is false! (MORE)

Where can you buy picayune cigarettes

Picayune cigarettes were a regional brand sold in the South until sometime in the 1960’s. While you can not buy them anymore, you can order the French cigarettes Gauloises online. The Picayune pack read “Picayune Extra Mild Cigarettes. Pride of New Orleans” They were anything but mild. They were by far the strongest cigarettes ever made as far as I know. They may be the only American cigarette brand ever made from caporal tobacco, the strong stuff that’s used in the French cigarettes “Gauloises”. However I also remember there was another New Orleans area cigarette called “Home Run” which I believe was just as strong and have heard went just as well with a “Jax” beer.

In 1911 the leading Cigarette Brand in New Orleans was “Home Run”, (5 cents for 20) an all Burley leaf brand.