Win respect with Backwoods cigarettes

The American-brand Backwoods cigarettes have long won the trust and respect of the whole world. They are known for the variety and uniqueness of tastes, good strength and somewhat sloppy appearance. Excellent aromas, quality Dominican tobacco and natural flavors will maximize your smoking pleasure. Are you looking for where you can buy cheap Backwoods cigarettes? Our online store offers a choice of Backwoods cigarettes in different shapes wholesale and retail at reasonable prices. Our experts will help you make the right choice and delivery.

These Backwoods cigarettes look somewhat unusual: they are deliberately carelessly twisted, expand towards the end and have torn edges. Their shape is stylized as cigars, which were smoked by the heroes of Westerns of the 1960s. Original look, mild taste, 100% tobacco and practical packaging – these are the secrets of popularity of Backwoods cigarettes. Their original scent is so strong that it seems that the hermetically sealed packaging does not interfere with it.

Backwoods cigarettes are short and narrow cigars. On average, the cigarillo is 8-10 cm long and often less than 1 cm thick in diameter. High-quality products – like usual cigars – are rolled from pure tobacco and a whole tobacco leaf is used for the wrapper. The quality of the tobacco used by the big brands is in no way inferior to that of cigars. Because of the smaller size of a cigarillo, people tend to choose stronger-tasting leaves for their production. The top products are made just as lovingly and by hand as the most expensive cigars. The careful drying and fermentation of the tobacco leaves, which are decisive for the aromas, is also the same. The advantage for the smoker is the considerably shorter smoking time. That’s why some call it the “Seven Minute Cigar”.

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