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Full color 9 1/2″ x 13 1/2″ ad for the Flavor that goes with fun when you smoke a Winston Filter Cigarette. There is a five frame drawing of a man preparing, with the help of his wife, to grill a steak on a summer day. He ties the apron to his back while his wife places the Chef’s hat on his head then he brings his hand close to the coals to see if they are ready as his wife approaches from behind with a large plate containing the uncooked steak. The steak is in place for its royal journey to good taste and the wife begins to walk away as the husband notices the first drops of rain. While he is using his apron to protect the steak from undue moisture his wife comes running from the house with an unbrella large enough for the three of them. In the last picture he is holding the umbrella over the scene while holding his fork like a maestro at a recital as his wife busies herself by offering him a Winston. The drawing in the ad shows the «Modern filter here», at the back where it should be and the «Filter Blend up front» and reminds us that «Winston tastes a cigarette should!».

Winstons vs camel/marlboro? cravings? health? additives? « winston cigarettes guide, helpful questions and answers

Currently I smoke Camel Lights but understand that Winston cigarettes have no additives and have been thinking about switching over.

Because there are not additives does this mean that Winstons make less of a negative impact on health?

Will Winstons leave me still craving other types of cigarettes because it doesn’t have additives?

Thanks for the help in advance. I really appreciate it.


Did u know, that nicotine isn’t actually addictive. Did you also know that stress is not relieved when you smoke but smoking actually increases stress levels. Did you know that the reason you are addicted to smoking is because of associations to things that you do on a daily basis. If you were actually addicted you would wake up in the middle of the night because you’d NEED to smoke. (just like a drug addict)

to answer your question though&#8230 .Camels, Winstons, whatever you smoke, none of them are gonna have any less of an impact on your health.
Camel lights were my choice cig. I somked winstons on occasion, my one friend mom used to smoke em all the time. Smoked marlboro lights too, cuz thats what my sister smokes and my ex. They all have a little difference in flavor. Camels are a little stronger, Winstons are kinda nasty, and Marlboro lights are a little smoother than both (my opnion). BUT
Heres the deal&#8230 .you don’t need to smoke. I tried everything in my power to quit smoking, every new years from the time i was like 18 i made a new years resolution to quit. Never worked&#8230 .finally like 3 months ago i’d say, i got hypnotised. Haven’t smoked a cig since. every now and again ill think about it, but most of the time, they just look repulsive to me, and i don’t have cravings. Coolest experience ever! «It’s like breaking up with a boy/girl friend»&#8230 .Totally true&#8230 Pricy! But totally worth it.

I’m not telling you what to do&#8230 smoke whatever you want if you wish, but i quit and i feel soooo much better all the time!!! like just healthier and happier&#8230 and i like use the money i would have spent on cigs, to buy myself little dresses as a reward to myself

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