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Winston cigarettes are one of the most recognizable American cigarette brands that ever existed on tobacco market.

Due to its fascinating smoke and unique flavor this cig brand has been occupying one of the leading places in the international cigarette market beginning with its appearance in cigarette stores.

Even its brand name had a gorgeous significance. Winston comes from Old Saxon «wynn» that means «good» or «beautiful» and «stoon» meaning «town» or «place».

It’s believed that personal name can influence own destiny. Perhaps this influenced Winston cigarettes to become number one tobacco product on domestic tobacco market.

In 1954 year this premium brand appeared and in this year Winston cigarettes become very popular smoking product.

Winston is the second best selling cigarette brand in the world, and top ten product in American cigarette market.

Adult smokers admit they love the tangy taste, bracing flavor and ravishing quality of these cigarettes, made by Reynolds American in the United States.

Winston cigarette owns an unrepeatable taste and smoke with delicate flavor because of its specific components. As confirmed by the producer of this exclusive brand, Japan Tobacco International (which markets the brand outside of USA), it is prepared from 100% natural tobacco and has no additives.

This makes smoke of Winston so fine and inimitable. This brand is pleasure that really delights your body and soul.

Winston cigarettes are produced in several king size cigarette varieties

  • Winston Classic
  • Winston Blue
  • Winston Silver
  • Winston White

Slim 100 mm long cigarettes

  • Winston Super Slims Blue
  • Winston Super Slims Silver

And brand new innovative compact sized slim cigarettes

  • Winston XS Nano Blue
  • Winston XS Nano Silver

Winston cigarettes commercial (1955) — video dailymotion

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