Winston full flavor regular cigarettes — reviews for winston cigarettes online


Nice full body, surprising smoothness for a regular blend, preeminent packaging, I love the double sided box and soft pack option, and I originally switched over to these from American Spirits because I was attracted by the lower price and fact that these also contain no additives. I noticed the taste was much sweeter, which was a shock at first, but I grew to enjoy it. However cheap they are (about eight dollars in CT, which actually isn’t bad for this state and Winston quality) the tobacco must have a higher nicotine content because I find myself smoking much more of these (from about one a day to four a day in less than a week I, as a casual smoker, did not want to experiment anymore), thus making the price irrelevant. It’s too bad the R.J. Reynolds Company (which also produces Camel (a better cigarette)), had to spoil a truly original, nearly perfect flavor that words can’t begin to describe with such a high nicotine content. Although this says nothing about the cigarettes themselves, Winstons are fairly popular, but unfortunately, I’ve bought many a pack that must’ve been sitting on the racks too long so half the cigs went stale before I was finished and this is with pack a week smoking, which shouldn’t produce such a result. It’s either this, or Winstons themselves are inclined to staleness. Regardlessly, the lure of a cheap cigarette is highly fabricated. In reality, one will likely finding themselves smoking twice as much with a pack lasting half as long, which really breaks the bank and I will reiterate how that truly is a shame considering how these could easily earn a four or even five star rating otherwise. I’ll probably still smoke these on occasion, but if you’re looking to fulfill this taste with a more satisfying cigarette that’ll cost you less in the long run, try Camels, or better yet American Spirits. Specifically, Camel Turkish Royals, or Filters are formidable replacements for Winstons as well as a light blue, yellow, or orange packs of American Spirits.

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